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About Continental Imports

Welcome to Continental Imports located at 1255 Lee St in Des Plaines,IL. Please call us at 847-768-2100 to arrange your test drive or visit our website at either www.continental-imports.com  / or at continentalimportscars.com to view our complete inventory.

Our Mission Statement:

From the start, Continental Imports set out to be a Customer Driven Business above all else. As a family of car aficionados, we desired to be the kind of Dealership we all wish we could have purchased our dream vehicles at. To achieve this ambitious goal, we knew it could not be done with promises, but with a sound process designed to deliver high end, consistent results. Our process starts off with finding the perfect car, understanding that perfection means more than just a great price. Each one of our cars is an individual, a member of our family if you will. Each vehicle has its own characteristics, traits, history and purpose, which by the time a vehicle makes it onto our showroom floor, it has undergone a rigorous encompassing Certification Process, before it can become a part of the Continental Imports Inventory

Each member of the Continental Imports team is sensitive to this fact, and together we have crafted at every level (Evaluation, Purchase, Reconditioning, Detailing, Marketing, Selling & Servicing) a process that delivers to our customers the highest quality cars at the right price. We strive to provide our customers immense satisfaction throughout their experience at Continental ImportsIn an effort to build lasting and meaningful relationship with our clients, we apply these same standards to our Service/Repair division, hiring the most dedicated/qualified Factory Certified Technicians, so that you may continue to rely on us beyond the purchase of your car. We hope to provide each of our clients an exceptional experience at every level and would love to hear from you through our 'Rate Us' pagewww.continental-imports.com/reviews.aspx.